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Whether you are brand new to reiki energy healing, yoga and meditation, or have been practicing for years… Let’s partner together to release energetic blocks, balance your chakras, ease aches and pains, discover a calm and peaceful mind, manifest your dreams and consciously connect to your holistic health.

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Discover a calm peaceful mind…

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The Chakras, the Moon Phases, Energy Flow & Your Higher Self

Join me for a transformative journey where we harness the power of these four essential pillars for manifestation success:

By balancing your chakras, you strengthen boundaries, heighten self-confidence and creativity, and liberate yourself from life’s overwhelm. When you intentionally synchronize your manifesting efforts with the moon phases, you receive focus and support through the ebb and flow of natural cycles. Encouraging the smooth flow of energy, you attain a state of balanced male and female aspects and you foster clarity within both your physical body and your energetic aura. And when you tune into your Higher Self, you receive spiritual guidance that aligns seamlessly with your path.

Together, these four pillars create a holistic framework, propelling you towards a harmonious manifestation journey where clarity, balance, and spiritual connection thrive.


Britt Chemla Jones

Britt is a Level 4 Reiki Master in the Usui-Tibetan tradition, whose journey in holistic healing spans over three decades. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Britt is not only a dedicated energy healer but also a masterful yoga and meditation teacher. Through the synergy of yoga movements, mindfulness practices, and energy healing, Britt guides and empowers her clients in their quest for balance and manifestation, through the harmonization of their chakras. Her dedication to facilitating personal growth and transformation makes her a trusted mentor and guide on the path to self-discovery and empowerment.

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How we can work together

Britt Chemla Jones on Yoga Mat Enjoying the View

Manifesting Mentorship

Personalized one-on-one online mentorship, using distance energy healing, spiritual guidance, the moon phases and balancing the chakras, to manifest abundance for your creative business.

Britt Chemla Jones - The Peaceful Entrepreneur Program

The Peaceful Entrepreneur

Intensive one-on-one live online program to uplevel your business and yourself with personalized energy work, meditation and yoga. You get weekly zoom sessions, assigned action items and unlimited accountability and support.

Twisted Lunge - Britt Chemla Jones

Start an At-Home Yoga and Meditation Practice

Improve your health and let go of stress by bringing the holistic benefits of yoga and meditation into your busy life: in only 11 days and 15 minutes a day.

Britt Chemla Jones Meditation

Your Spiritual Tool Kit

Get in touch with your spiritual dimension and learn how to tune into crystals, chakras and vision journaling.

Michelle DeNio from Accelerated Business Alliance

Working with Britt one-on-one through her yoga, meditation and reiki sessions has been one of the best investments I have made for myself in years.

Britt has a gift that is truly indescribable. The way she is able to quickly put together a yoga sequence that focuses directly on the areas you are having trouble with the day of the call is incredible. She combines gentle yoga with a flow and her prompts are so clear you can follow along with your eyes closed and without having to stare at your screen so you can be completely present. She ends the sessions with a beautiful meditation and her powerful reiki energy healing. Reiki has been more healing for my mind and body than anything else I have ever experienced. It brings me to tears most days even when I don’t always understand the messages that are being delivered in that moment. Within days they always make perfect sense. The sense of peace, calm and ease that I feel after our sessions is priceless. Everyone needs Britt in their life and you will NOT be disappointed working with her 1:1.