Whether you are brand new to yoga and meditation, or have been practicing for years… Let’s partner together to release aches and pains, discover a calm and peaceful mind, and consciously connect to your holistic health.

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Free 10-Day Yoga & Meditation Practice

Get started with a self-paced yoga and guided meditation course. Learn how to bring together Gentle Yoga and Simple Meditation to:

  • reduce stress
  • release anxiety
  • sleep better
  • ease aches & pains and
  • fall in love with your body

Release aches and pains…

Discover a calm peaceful mind…

Connect with your spiritual dimension…

Let go of energy blocks that hinder your life and your goals…

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Yoga - Meditation - Reiki

I love to bring together yoga, meditation and reiki, both in my personal practice, and as holistic offerings for my students. I’ve seen firsthand how healing these three modalities can be, and how powerful their impact is when they are combined together. Yoga, Meditation and Reiki are uniquely suited to support your whole being!

When Yoga is personalized and adapted to your body and your unique goals, it can quickly alleviate aches and pains. You feel great, you learn to love and appreciate your body, and you experience new strength and confidence.

Meditation does not need to be intimidating. It’s easy to begin a simple meditation practice and the benefits are almost immediate: less stress and anxiety, and fewer swirling thoughts. By bringing simple mindfulness into your life, you experience more mental focus, a calmer mind, and easier, more restful sleep.

And Reiki is a loving and powerful form of Energy Healing! One of the things I love most about Reiki is that it works beautifully at a distance. In ancient times, the Reiki Healer would write the person’s name on a piece of paper and direct loving healing energy to them. Today, we have the internet, and Reiki can easily be sent from me to you, however far apart we are! Reiki is always loving, it always works for your highest good and it always helps to bring your energy into alignment and to reestablish spiritual balance.

Let’s work together to create more holistic wellness for you: mind, body and spirit.

Britt Chemla Jones

Britt has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and she loves to weave together yoga and meditation to help her students achieve a pain-free body and a peaceful mind. Britt is also a certified Reiki Master and uses energy healing and balancing the chakras to support her students on their wellness journey. A nomad at heart, when she’s not on her yoga mat Britt loves to travel the world with her husband of 20 years and their 2 teenage boys.

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How we can work together

Private Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Instruction - Britt Chemla Jones

Private Instruction

Personalized one-on-one instruction on Zoom.

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Free Yoga Videos

Over 50 free yoga videos on my YouTube channel.

Balancing the Chakras Course

Balancing The Chakras with Yoga & Meditation

An 8-week in-depth online course. The next session beings June 6, 2022.

Yoga Nidra - Britt Chemla Jones

Guided Meditation & Vision Journaling

A self-paced, 4-week, meditation course to encourage visions, creativity and imagination.

Yoga Vinyasa - Britt Chemla Jones

Yoga Flow

A 6-week Facebook Live yoga class series. The next series begins April 4, 2022.

Incense, candles, crystals and meditation

Ask Your Chakras!

Have questions? Need advice? What if your chakras, these powerful energy centers within your being, have the answers you seek?

With this simple worksheet and guided meditation, you can learn how to feel your chakras and get loving, insightful guidance. Take a couple of centering breaths, ask a question, connect to your deep inner wisdom, and witness the answers flowing from your chakras.

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Working with Britt one-on-one through her yoga, meditation and reiki sessions has been one of the best investments I have made for myself in years.

Britt has a gift that is truly indescribable. The way she is able to quickly put together a yoga sequence that focuses directly on the areas you are having trouble with the day of the call is incredible. She combines gentle yoga with a flow and her prompts are so clear you can follow along with your eyes closed and without having to stare at your screen so you can be completely present. She ends the sessions with a beautiful meditation and her powerful reiki energy healing. Reiki has been more healing for my mind and body than anything else I have ever experienced. It brings me to tears most days even when I don’t always understand the messages that are being delivered in that moment. Within days they always make perfect sense. The sense of peace, calm and ease that I feel after our sessions is priceless. Everyone needs Britt in their life and you will NOT be disappointed working with her 1:1.