A Journey of Self-Discovery: My Story with Yoga and Energy Healing

Over three decades ago, I took my first step onto the yoga mat, unknowingly setting in motion a transformative journey that would shape the core of my existence. In those early days, as I embraced the postures and the breath, I encountered an unexpected, powerful energetic experience.

It was a class-ending ritual, a collective chant of the sacred sound OM. In the echo of that resonant vibration, my world shifted. A forceful sensation enveloped me, as if my soul had untethered from its physical vessel, shaking vigorously, while the whole Universe spinned around me in a dizzying dance. The energy lingered for 48 hours, leaving me intrigued and forever changed.

Yoga, once a physical pursuit, became a profound part of my life. Multiple weekly classes, a personal practice at home, and immersion in workshops were just the beginning. Yoga wasn’t merely a set of poses; it was a conduit for profound energetic experiences that resonated deep within.

Life unfolded, bringing a corporate career, marriage, and the spiritual experience of motherhood. Friends sought my guidance in yoga, nudging me towards teaching. Still, it took a seismic shift, the loss of my parents, to propel me into a new chapter. I was gripped by grief and disillusionment when my husband encouraged me to explore yoga teacher training as a form of healing and self-discovery.

A 200-hour training plunged me deeper into yoga’s core, and it was during this period that I discovered energy healing. A session with a Reiki healer unveiled the mystery behind my initial energetic encounter: an awakening of my Kundalini energy and the spinning of my chakras. Armed with this newfound understanding, I delved into the realms of chakras, energy work, and Reiki.

Reiki attunement certifications followed, each unveiling new facets of my capabilities. The grief from my parents’ passing found solace in energy healing. Teaching yoga became a way to share not only the physical practice but also the profound energetic dimensions.

In 2020, a 500-hour yoga teacher training added layers of knowledge: advanced physical and energetic anatomies, meditation, vinyasa practices, and philosophy. Recognized by the international Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500, I accumulated over a thousand teaching hours.

My third Reiki attunement marked another turning point… sudden sensitivity to crystal vibrations and the ability to intuitively sense chakra imbalances. I also discovered the power to share Reiki over distances, transcending physical boundaries.

The year 2022 brought my final attunement in the Usui-Tibetan tradition, marking the pinnacle of my journey as a Reiki Master Teacher. Since then, I’ve been extending the healing touch, both in-person and online, to clients seeking balance and alignment.

Today, my offerings have evolved into personalized manifesting mentorships. My holistic approach combines chakra balancing, moon phase alignment, guided meditations, and tailored yoga practices. I navigate the intricate dance between sacred energies, providing spiritual guidance to empower clients on their manifesting and spiritual journeys.

Join me on this transformative voyage. Together, let’s unlock the potential within, balance energies, and craft a life illuminated by manifesting and spiritual wisdom.