Manifesting Mentorship for Creative Businesses

Unlock Your Potential

It’s time to let go of doubt, confusion and overwhelm

And manifest your confident, aligned and empowered self.

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Manifesting is not just bland positivity and wishful thinking! It only works when you follow your own energetic steps with focused dedication and commitment. Whether you’re wanting to create a shift in your abundance, career, or relationships, let’s find out why you’re blocked, clear your energy channels, create quantum alignment and discover your own unique manifesting process. 
In this Manifesting Mentorship, Britt will shed light on the reasons behind your struggles, she’ll unblock your manifesting abilities by balancing your chakras and clearing your aura, she’ll help you tune in to the current moon phase vibrations, and she’ll design personalized manifesting tips and practices just for you. 
Britt is an energy healer, psychic, reiki master, spiritual mentor and meditation teacher with decades of experience working with manifesting energetics.

Do You...

Now is the right time to hire me as your Manifesting Mentor if:

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How would it feel to:

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actually know how to manifest abundance.

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open blocked channels so creative energy can flow through you easily.

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attract only your dream clients

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have the confidence to raise your prices when the timing is right.

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establish healthy energetic boundaries and say “no” to unaligned offers.

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achieve greater clarity and confidence in your life and business.

You can achieve it all with this mentorship!

In this mentorship you will learn how to…

When you join this program you’ll get:

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A 3-month mentorship that is self-paced and self-directed, based on your personal manifesting desires.

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Unlimited texting for support and gentle accountability: ask me all your manifesting questions as they come up, so you can focus on your personal goals without the anxiety of doing something “wrong.”

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Unlimited distance energy healing: text me anytime you feel blocked or depleted and I’ll send you reiki healing.

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Unlimited spiritual guidance: text me anytime you’re at a crossroad and I’ll pull an oracle card or cast a rune on your behalf and share the guidance from Source.

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Bimonthly one-hour zoom calls to set intentions, define goals, harness the vibration of the current moon phase, balance your chakras, and clear the energy channel for your Path of Manifestation.

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

Elle Rosselli from Clear Copy Works

My energy healing session felt like a therapy session for my soul!

It’s easy to dismiss energy healing as too ‘mystical’ to work, but Britt approaches it so professionally and with sense and logic that can’t be argued against. My energy healing session felt like a therapy session for my soul, but I also walked away with concrete insights I could use to set some much-needed new intentions (both for my business and my relationships). I’ve already sent a session as a gift to my mom – who was inspired to create a beautiful painting as a reminder of what Britt told her. I can’t recommend Britt enough. She’s the perfect balance of the mystical and pragmatic that would work for anyone. No matter what you believe!


Tuition for the Manifesting Mentorship is $750 per month for 3 months, or $2,000 paid in full.

Meet Britt Chemla Jones – Your Transformation Guide

Meet Britt Chemla Jones–Your Peaceful Entrepreneur Guide

Britt has worked with 100’s of students over her 20+ years as a yoga and meditation instructor, which has only served to strengthen her belief that we are all unique.

She also uses her 10+ years of energy-healing skills to uncover the energetic blocks and chakra imbalances her clients are facing. 

When you work with Britt, you have no doubt that she hears you and intuitively knows where the issues lie in your energy body – you can feel her distance reiki coming over you to clear your stagnant energy. 

The Manifesting Mentorship for Creative Businesses brings all of Britt’s skills together to help clear your manifesting channels, dismantle subconscious blocks, and clarify the path ahead for your highest good.

Britt’s reassuring presence and practical skills mean that no matter what you bring with you each day, you won’t leave in the same mindset you showed up in.