The Peaceful Entrepreneur

One Year for a Total Body, Mind & Spirit Transformation

Dismantle energetic blocks that keep you from upleveling your business and aligning with your life’s purpose.

Your One Year Transformation will help you…

Open the door - Balancing the Chakras

I always wait for our Wednesday session with Britt.

 It is usually late because I am located in Europe but the time with her finishes my day in a perfect and calm way. I initially thought we will be working just on my physical body and mind but I had no idea that she will help tremendously in business as well. Because of her, I changed the prices of my coaching and re-evaluate what I truly want from my business and how I want to build it. I feel calmer, more focused, and more trusting of my instincts after working with Britt for just a short 2 months. Cannot wait for what this year together will bring! Britt has wisdom and knowledge in her field and I am learning new things each and every session. I highly recommend her!


Meet Britt Chemla Jones – Your Transformation Guide

Meet Britt Chemla Jones–Your Peaceful Entrepreneur Guide

Britt has worked with 100’s of students over her 20+ years as a yoga and meditation instructor, which has only served to strengthen her belief that we are all unique.

No two people have the same physical manifestations of pain or mindfulness struggles, and Britt’s practical experience allows her to create personalized yoga sequences and meditation practices on the spot.

Britt also uses her 10+ years of energy-healing skills to uncover the energetic blocks and chakra imbalances her clients are facing. 

When you work with Britt, you have no doubt that she hears you and intuitively knows where the issues lie in your energy body–you can feel her distance reiki coming over you to clear your stagnant energy. 

The Peaceful Entrepreneur program brings all of Britt’s skills together to help clear your physical pain (through yoga), your overworked mind (through meditation), your subconscious blocks (through energy healing), and your lack of clarity on the path ahead (through personalized guidance and coaching).

Britt’s reassuring presence and practical skills mean that no matter what you bring with you each day, you won’t leave in the same mindset–or physical condition–you showed up in.

“The Peaceful Entrepreneur” Program includes:

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Live weekly sessions

Each 1-hour Zoom session features:

o   Yoga sequences curated to help alleviate your aches and pains.

Sitting at your desk every day could be leaving you with tension in your hips, legs and lower back. Or your shoulders and neck might be screaming at you for spending hours looking down at your laptop and phone.

Your yoga sequences are exactly that–yours. Curated for your individual needs so you can feel better in your body and accomplish more in ease and comfort.  

o     Relaxing guided meditation created in the moment to energetically align with your current mindfulness needs.

Your brain is a busy hive of activity and that can make it hard to calm your mind and release those swirling thoughts. Stress, anxiety and overwhelm also interfere with your ability to be productive or creative.

Personally designed meditation allows you to enjoy a calm, peaceful mind so you don’t get distracted and can get more done in less time.

o  Soul-level coaching through intuitive guidance, pulling oracle cards and casting runes.

These practices offer you clarity on your current struggles and help you find a way forward.

By tapping into intuitive guidance from Source, I pull oracle cards and cast runes that lead you in the direction of greater growth and confidence as you align your business with your life’s purpose. 

o  Reiki energy healing to clear blocks for yourself and your life’s work.

We all have blocks–yours could be around manifesting money and abundance, attracting your dream clients, or establishing healthy boundaries. 

Whatever they are, we find them and clear those energetic imbalances through distance reiki healing so you stop over-delivering and undercharging. That’s when you can show up fearlessly and authentically in your business.

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Lifetime access to Recordings & Session Summaries

All of our Zoom sessions are recorded and shared with you. You retain lifetime access so you can repeat your personalized yoga sequences and guided meditations as often as you like. Concise weekly written summaries are also shared with you for easy future reference.

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Guided Accountability

Targeted action items are assigned every week to guide you in manifesting abundance, upleveling your business, increasing your ability to attract dream clients, and establishing a sustainable personal practice of wellness, calm and peace. 

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Unlimited Support

You also get unlimited texting for accountability and support. Ask me all your spirituality, meditation and yoga questions as they come up, so you can focus on your personal manifestation without the anxiety of doing something “wrong.”

What to expect during our 1-hour live weekly zoom session:

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Check in

We start every session by chatting for a few minutes about your past week, how your business is going and your goals for today. When you share what you need, you can calm your racing mind and focus on what’s in front of you.

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We practice yoga sequences  together that I’ve curated to your specific personal needs. Each yoga movement is designed to ease the aches and pains from sitting at your desk all day, and gently help you build strength and flexibility so you feel great. They also encourage your prana (spiritual energy) to start flowing so energetic blocks can be released [about 15-20 minutes] 

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After yoga, you can lie down and get comfortable and I will lead you through a relaxing meditation practice to help calm your mind and tune into mindfulness. This is so relaxing, that many of my clients actually fall asleep and get to enjoy a well-deserved nap! [5-10 minutes]

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Energy Healing

While you’re relaxing comfortably, I send you Distance Reiki Healing, I create an individualized intuitive crystal grid, and I pull Oracle Cards or Runes. I’m a Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui-Tibetan Tradition and an Intuitive Spiritual Coach, so the energy flowing is always very powerful! [about 15 minutes]

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I gently bring you out of your meditation and we spend a few minutes chatting about the guidance that came through, and how this information can be applied and integrated into your life’s work and your business.

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After we log off, I share with you:

  1. A photo of the crystal grid I created and any oracle cards and/or runes that came up.
  2. A concise written summary of our soul-level business coaching session.
  3. Action items to complete before our next meeting in order to better integrate the guidance that came through.
  4. Recording of our zoom session so you have the option to repeat your personalized yoga and meditation practices as often as you like.

Remember How Powerful You Truly Are

The Peaceful Entrepreneur is a guided experience designed to eliminate physical aches and pains, calm swirling thoughts and anxiety, and focus your mind so you can feel your best and grow your business.

A Body – Mind – Spirit Transformation like the Peaceful Entrepreneur offers isn’t designed for a group setting. It’s most achievable with the personalized support of your very own guide.

$750/month (for 12 months) OR

$2,100/quarter (for 12 months)